Friday, December 05, 2008

Throw them into Jail for Negligence and Dereliction of Duty

While in power, they have security, power, foreign trips - all at our expense.

When there's a problem, they defer to the Italian 'High Command' and 'offer to resign'. If the High Command decides after deliberations to accept their resignations, they just ...LEAVE!!!!! Nothing happens to them! They probably get accommodated as Governors or even Presidents. Nothing happens to them. NOTHING!!! They are NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO US!

This MUST CHANGE! They cannot just resign and get away with this!

These guys should be thrown into jail for negligence and dereliction of duty! They must be held accountable and punished severely!


Anonymous said...

Accountability will probably never happen in Indian politics. The sheer fact that our politician dont even empathyize with action , is a pity and a mockery of the democracy we have. I guess we need to learn lessons and start acting rather than continuing the favoured gossip of a blame game

Jellicles said...

world's largest 'democracy'...what a joke!

writerzblock said...

No way, we mustn't be wasting space in jails for hardened criminals like these. They must simply be bombed in one go. Rid the country of evil!!