Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Philosophy of Evil

The philosopher Jacob Boehme concluded that the existence of evil is intrinsically necessary and unavoidable; it is ultimately rooted in the nature of God himself.

The arguments against the existence of God generally proceeds as such

1. If God exists, then there is no evil.
2. There is evil.
3. So, God does not exist. (from 1 & 2)


1a. A perfectly good being always prevents evil as far as he can.
1b. An omnipotent and omniscient being can do anything possible.
1c. So, if a perfectly good, omnipotent and omniscient being exists, he prevents evil completely. (from 1a & 1b)
1d. If God exists, then He is perfectly good, omnipotent and omniscient.
1e. So, if God exists, He prevents evil completely. (from 1c & 1d)
It follows from 1e that if God exists, then there is no evil--which is the premise

Fact: Evil exists. People actually worship whoever represents evil to propitiate him or her.

Lets see if my article on evil gets published.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sacred Texts

Found Sacred Texts, a nice site which has plenty of beautiful religious texts.


But why, instead of putting the thread through the eye of the needle, should the Japanese maiden slip the eye of the needle over the point of the thread?




I am now reading the Nihongi, an ancient text of the Shinto.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

God in a Restaurant

Hey I forgot! My story "God in a Restaurant" was published in the first issue of Museindia.
Take a look.

Monday, September 19, 2005


My grim poetry. Slightly cheerless. Perhaps Surreal. Published in Museindia

Far Away and others

100 Seconds of Music

Here's a short story on Love and Music that was published in Veena, a London-based Arts and Culture Magazine. Its called 100 Seconds of Music

I hope you like it.

What else am I reading

Yukio Mishima - What a guy! A fascinating Japanese writer whose neurotic brilliant style really appeals to me!

What am I reading

Books by Robert Graves. His work on Roman history - Claudius the God and I' Claudius are simply superb. Goodbye to all that is quite different. I believe it created a big storm. Haven't got beyond the 40% mark yet.


Katrina hit New Orleans. I hope all the Jazz legends are okay. Here's my article about it

September 13 2005: The Music of New Orleans

Music and God or whoever

As a follow up to the previous posting on music and the devil, here's one on Music and God with a reference to Indian musicians. Thyagaraja was a very famous saint-musician who lived in the South of India in the middle of the 19th century.

August 30 2005: Music & Spirituality

Violin/Tartini/The Devil

I'm a pretty mediocre violinist and so do not play in public. Here's my article on Violins and the Supernatural. Two-part actually. This one talked about Tartini and Paganini. Thats the devil playing to Tartini.

August 29 2005: About Violins and the Supernatural

Jacques Verges

Some people are really very interesting. Here's my published article on the lawyer Jacques Verges

August 25 2005: About the lawyer Jacques Verges

The World's Worst Poet

Yes, there was/is such a guy! My article on him appeared on August 21 2005 titled On William McGonagall, the World's Worst Poet

Looking at some of the awful poetry one comes across, maybe McGonagall wasn't so bad after all. He seems to have been a very interesting person and was possibly mocking at the whole world!

Nagasaki bombings

I'm quite interested in History and historical events. Everyone talks of Hiroshima and not much about Nagasaki. So I wrote this on on August 6 2005: On the Nagasaki Bombing

Here you see a picture of Nagasaki after the bomb fell.

Japan's history and culture is really fascinating, don't you think? Its really one of my most favourite countries to visit. And Kyoto is by far the most wonderful city I have visited.

About Cruelty

My article on the universal barbarity of man was published in The Deccan Herald on July 5 2005 with the title Cruelty - East or West

There I look at torture through the ages, a very fascinating research topic incidentally. Here we see someone in Cuba being Garotted.


Thanks for visiting my blog.

I live in Bangalore. My book "What the Raags told me" was published by Rupa & Co. last year. It never reached the best-sellers list, haha! Well, it was a novel based on classical music so thats probably why.

I have a few other books in the pipeline. Publishing is always a slow process - and so is writing. Destiny decides.

A few of my articles have appeared in the Deccan Herald, Bangalore's newspaper. The next few posts will be about them.