Monday, July 28, 2008

Some links

Effective Proposal Writing Vasudev Murthy Sage Publishers ISBN
Here's a review in The Hindu Business Line
And another in The Dawn, Pakistan

What the Raags Told Me Vasudev Murthy. Rupa and Co., ISBN 81-291-0317-6.
Book Cover and a few press reviews of my book

Review in the Indian Express Tribune India Chapter Extract Interview in the Deccan Herald Interview in The Hindu Review in Sruti Magazine Radio Gandharv review A reference to my book in The Hindu
My son Sarang wrote a nice book which I highly recommend :-) Its a publication from Katha (

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Articles in the Deccan Herald

On Cruelty - East or West
On the Nagasaki Bombing
On William McGonagall, the World's Worst Poet
About the lawyer Jacques Verges
About Violins and the Supernatural
Music and Spirituality
The Music of New Orleans
A Solitary Lamp for Sardar Patel
Flat Earth and Globalization
Why we hit out at the Police
The Rosetta Stone and the Decay of Indian Culture
Find your Own Space

Articles in Vijay Times

Nov Article on Nuremberg Trials
Dec Poem: Give me a Bribe! Cried my MP
Dec Corruption our new National Religion

Other Articles

Story in Veena Magazine, London Arts Review
God in a Restaurant
Poems: Far Away, The Other Me, etc.
June 2005: My article in RAVE magazine
A book in which I am a contributing author: The European Vegetarian Union's utopia
My Travel Articles on

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Music of Mali - Segu Blue

I listened to the intense music of the Mali musician Bassekou Kouyate on a flight from London to Bangalore

Segu Blue is what I heard. Simply brilliant addictive stuff!!!! Listen to it online (click here)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nemo at the Dog Show

This is our little Nemo, the Pug with an attitude, photographed by many people at the Dog's Day out event in Bangalore.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

USA here I come!

A visit to my old haunt - Dallas, for a week!

Thats where I studied, worked, lived for almost seven and a half years!