Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Traveling from Margao, Goa to Bangalore and back

I travel a lot between these two places using a variety of means.

Air: Dabolim airport to bangalore airport is about 55 minutes. Dabolim airport is small (recently expanded) and fairly easy to get to. Bangalore airport is considered modern and large but getting to and from the city is really painful.

Car:  From Bangalore, you take a major highway called NH4 up to Hubli. That would be about 425 kms. It has plenty of tollgates, so have plenty of money. But the road is excellent and there are several places where you can stop and grab something to eat. You will pass Tumkur and Davangere, at least.   When you reach the outskirts of Hubli, you will hit a large roundabout. Take the road INTO the town and ask for the Hubli-Karwar road.  That would be on your left.  Hubli to Karwar, on the coast would be about 165 kms and the road is quite nice and smooth. You will hit a town called Yellapur. Stop there for lunch at the simple Shanbhag Hotel next to a Petrol station. Don't forget to get some amazing Mango pickle from the store in the restaurant.

As you continue, you will hit the coastal highway. Hit a right to Karwar.

Karwar to Margao is about 73 kms along a very scenic route next to the sea and along hills and plenty of greenery.  Pay 250 toll to get into Goa.

Buses: I have traveled only once between Ankola (near Karwar) and Bangalore. It was uncomfortable, but cheap and I guess safe. I reached on time. Auto rickshaw drivers in Bangalore are waiting to pounce on you. So be careful and don't get cheated.

Train:  You can get a Margao to Bangalore train or a Karwar to Bangalore train. Margao -Bangalore isn't as frequent as it could be. Karwar-Bangalore is more frequent but passes through Mangalore and so the journey is longer.  Plus you would then need to travel from Margao to Karwar by road (plenty of local buses). Use www.irctc.co.in to book your tickets. 3A or 2A is most comfortable.

Let me know if this was useful.