Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Book announced - How Organizations Really Work

I'm happy to say that my book How Organizations Really Work, has been announced by Bloomsbury.  It is expected to hit stores by March 3rd.

About the Book
Books on management and organizations usually ignore the human factor. This
unorthodox book marks a radical departure in how organizations should be understood.
It deals with human issues and relationships between groups. Though serious, it
makes for easy reading and is written with humour. How Organizations Really Work is
the perfect companion for an employee at any level; for those who want to step back and
look objectively at what’s happening around them and make sense of it. It is also for
management students accustomed to impractical diets of theory. Exclusive mind-maps
at the end of each chapter help the reader make connections between the concepts
discussed and entities, while the wildly funny stories provide a much-needed welcome

Beginning with the reasons why organizations exist, the author examines how authority
flows down from the board to everyone else. Marketing, Sales, Human Resources,
Finance, Information Systems and Operations are examined first theoretically and then
through the eyes of a practitioner who knows where theory falls short.