Saturday, July 26, 2014

Transferring a car's registration from Goa to Karnataka

In Goa, get CID clearance from their office in Ribander. That takes about 10 days. Copy of RC book.

Then Form 28 from RTO office to get a No Objection Certificate.

 In Karnataka, take these forms to your RTO. Form 27, Form 30 You need to pay tax on the depreciated value of your car. The only way to prove the deprecated value is to get the original sales invoice which may be very difficult depending upon where you bought the vehicle.

 Then you need to give the following 1. SDRC clearance - the Karnataka equivalent of Crime Branch clearance. 2. Proof of address 3. PAN card 4. Proof of current insurance. 5. Current Emission Certificate 6. Self addressed stamped envelope Take the forms and everything else to an assigned RTO inspector. 

Remove any plastic tints and make an impression of the car chassis number with a pencil on Form 30 Get another 2-3 signatures from the Assistant RTO and other officers Submit form with the envelope.

You will get an ack form which must be kept very very carefully or you could be in trouble if you get caught. 

You should get the new registration in a week.

All this sounds straightforward but it can take MONTHS.