Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lost Horizon

Its been a long time. I condemn my laziness and call upon you to condemn it too..

I went back to a book that I had read when a boy. It lingered...the memory...

An elegantly written book, Lost Horizon has much in it to savour and digest. A mysteriously hijacked plane that crashes in a remote part of the world where the process of aging has been practically stalled, some profound comments about philosophy and culture.....a beautifully crafted tale. The exotic Shangri-La - it might exist even now, who knows? We do know of tales of those who claim to be thousands of years old (yes! write to me about that!) and of the mysterious Shambala, a world beneath the surface of the earth.

There is no arrogant preaching here about Christianity, though oddly, an important figure turns out to be a long-lost Missionary who develops a more respectful worldview and absorbs the best of the Oriental and the Occidental.

A touch of mysterious romance, a fugitive, a cerebral and an open-minded laid-back hero - and of course, a twist at the end.

Do read this book. You will thank me.