Monday, December 26, 2011

Short Stories on Facebook

Some of my short stories are on FB here

Please do take a look

Saturday, November 05, 2011

The past month

So much has happened over the past month

An important trip to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain
An amazing trip to Turkey - Istanbul (Topkapi, the bazaars, Hagia Sofia, The Blue Mosque, the Cisterns), Konya (Rumi's tomb), Antalya, Demre, Phaselis, Chimera, Myra. Erzurum, Ishak Pasha, Kars, Ani, Ardhavan, Childer Golu, Shaitan Kalesi, Ardhanuc, Savsat, Hopa, Rize - so many photos on my FB page - have attached two here
Another Trip to Saudi where many issues were resolved
A speech at the Social Media Summit at Chennai

I was hardly home. But it was fantastic.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Auroville Recording

Do listen to my interview and a recording of me plying the Araban Oudh at Auroville Pondicherry.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Barbarians at Thiruvaiyaru

I visited Thiruvaiyaru, where the great saint-composer Thyagaraja lived and composed wonders.

His house has been restored by barbarians. Bizarre ideas like ugly metal gates, shocking gold paint, absolutely ugly sculptures, bathroom tiles - oh God, where did these idiots show up from??? What have they done to our heritage??

Inside you see horribly painted walls, with pictures of other musicians - and hold your breath - photos of politicians leering down, taking credit for this 'restoration'! What could be more outrageous???

The house opposite - very humble - is probably what Thyagaraja's house actually looked like. Now we have a concrete monstrosity, and no one can imagine that great musical wonders took form there. India is destroyed by modern vandals, clueless about aesthetics, philistines with no sense of colour, proportion and heritage.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Nemo passes away

My dearest Nemo passed away after months of suffering.

A urinary infection, a body weakened - what else? He died in my lap and I watched his last breaths form bubbles. And then they stopped. His eyes were fixed in the distance and he did not respond to my voice. And then I too had no voice.

I wrapped him my T-shirt and we put flowers on him. We buried him next to another beloved dog. Perhaps we shall plant tulips and roses on his grave. They will thrive, fanned by the vapors of love and innocence. We are left behind, to regret we did not do enough.

Here are some photographs

His first picture at the shelter from where I brought him home.