Saturday, November 05, 2011

The past month

So much has happened over the past month

An important trip to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain
An amazing trip to Turkey - Istanbul (Topkapi, the bazaars, Hagia Sofia, The Blue Mosque, the Cisterns), Konya (Rumi's tomb), Antalya, Demre, Phaselis, Chimera, Myra. Erzurum, Ishak Pasha, Kars, Ani, Ardhavan, Childer Golu, Shaitan Kalesi, Ardhanuc, Savsat, Hopa, Rize - so many photos on my FB page - have attached two here
Another Trip to Saudi where many issues were resolved
A speech at the Social Media Summit at Chennai

I was hardly home. But it was fantastic.

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go pro hero said...

Last month photos very nice ! Thanks for sharing..