Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"Tag" has regrettably been released

J.C. Lane

(She's written other PPP books as Judy Clemens, but this book is under the name J.C. Lane)

*1. One more book eh? What have we done to deserve this? Thanks for your
heartfelt condolences*

I just couldn't help myself. It has been three years since my last book came out and I forgot how much everyone hated my stuff. So. Sorry. 
*2. Tell me and other suffering souls who will be forced to read this, as
little as possible about your alleged book.*

Six kids play a deadly game of Tag in Chicago. Some characters you'll like, some you'll hate. Or maybe you'll hate them all. 
*3. What medication do you recommend? And how much will you pay us to read
your book?*

Definitely caffeine. Through chocolate. I would love to pay you all in chocolate, but the post office is picky about mailing perishables. 
*4. Why did you choose that title? Shouldn't you have thought of us?*

RT Book Review gives it the reward for "most self-explanatory title." So maybe I just lack imagination. 
*5. What do you wear when you write?*
Fuzzy Dr. Seuss pajamas. (Red fish, Blue Fish) 
*6. What infuriates you about the book you've just written?*

That it hasn't been made into a movie yet. 
*7. How can we stop you from writing a sequel?*

Just ask. 
*8. What's the nastiest thing people have said about your book?*
"I want to yank that Brandy out of the book and smack her." But then, I guess that's a good thing, because Brandy deserves it.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sherlock Holmes in Japan now translated to the Japanese

My book Sherlock Holmes in Japan has been translated into the Japanese ad published in Japan by Kokoshu The book now has Four Versions - India/UK, USA, Brazil and Japan Here are the covers