Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"Tag" has regrettably been released

J.C. Lane

(She's written other PPP books as Judy Clemens, but this book is under the name J.C. Lane)

*1. One more book eh? What have we done to deserve this? Thanks for your
heartfelt condolences*

I just couldn't help myself. It has been three years since my last book came out and I forgot how much everyone hated my stuff. So. Sorry. 
*2. Tell me and other suffering souls who will be forced to read this, as
little as possible about your alleged book.*

Six kids play a deadly game of Tag in Chicago. Some characters you'll like, some you'll hate. Or maybe you'll hate them all. 
*3. What medication do you recommend? And how much will you pay us to read
your book?*

Definitely caffeine. Through chocolate. I would love to pay you all in chocolate, but the post office is picky about mailing perishables. 
*4. Why did you choose that title? Shouldn't you have thought of us?*

RT Book Review gives it the reward for "most self-explanatory title." So maybe I just lack imagination. 
*5. What do you wear when you write?*
Fuzzy Dr. Seuss pajamas. (Red fish, Blue Fish) 
*6. What infuriates you about the book you've just written?*

That it hasn't been made into a movie yet. 
*7. How can we stop you from writing a sequel?*

Just ask. 
*8. What's the nastiest thing people have said about your book?*
"I want to yank that Brandy out of the book and smack her." But then, I guess that's a good thing, because Brandy deserves it.

Help put Judy out of her misery. Buy her book here


vidhya said...

How can one not ROFL at this . Great job again Mr.Murthy

vidhya said...

How can one not ROFL at this . Great job again Mr.Murthy

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