Friday, March 21, 2008

"Someone should do something"

There is every reason -and every logical reason, on the face of it - why its not possible for you to adopt a dog in need. You hope that someone else, apparently better placed, will somehow be able to help.

But consider

"Saving just one dog won't change the world, but it surely will change the world for that one dog." - Richard C. Call

"It is as if life had said, 'I am going to send you into a world of cruelty. I shall make you sensitive to pain, fear, heat, cold, hunger and starvation. In this world of cruelty I shall make you defenseless. In addition I shall strike you dumb.' This is the kind of world that animals are born into." - Grace Johnson

Compassion is free to give. Please be extravagant.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Dogs

Jumble, a kind -hearted black lab came to us about 2.5 years ago. He was too boisterous for his former owners. Today his only 'fault' is that he is black and scares the living daylights out of ignorant people who assume he is ferocious. Here he is seen resting prior to be being attacked by Nemo.
Rani was abandoned at CUPA two years ago. I thought I would be tending to her for a few days before a definite passing on to the Rainbow Bridge as she was very very ill and weak. She bounced back and is doing very well. A lovely lady who needs help to walk about but maintains her pride and independence. Tolerates the little pest Nemo.
Nemo is presently creating major chaos at his home. He is the smallest and youngest but is top dog. He prefers parathas, papads and, in general, food. He is forever fighting with Jumble who returns the favour very affectionately like a big brother.Here you see Nemo attacking Jumble ruthlessly.
Here, Jumble has been toppled and Nemo has won a glorious victory.

And here he poses for the media.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Trip to Kochi

A trip to Kochi - Vasco da Gama, Zheng He, Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta, the brand new wonderful Kochi airport and a set of extremely nice new friends.

A clean city, polite and courteous people, breathtaking scenery, old rambling heritage buildings.

Yes, this is a cool place. Do visit.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Please avoid looking back at me
with cold contemptuous eyes
as you slither swiftly forward
intent on anothers death,
that you may live.

My spirit chases you,
since I cannot.
That sensing flickering tongue,
that muscular rapture...
onwards! onwards!
to your life
and someone's death.

Through moist grass,
dank earth, decaying leaves,
and petrified flowers
a move towards that grey mouse,
innocent, nibbling
at something. Something nice. Quite unaware.
Of how time is so fleeting.

One moment in the warm sun,
blue skies, a breeze through its fur.
The next, steel coils
pushing air outwards from its lungs
razor fangs stabbing the body
A descent into time's quicksand
via your stomach.

A look backwards at me again,
in seething contempt
for my pompous values and speeches
about sacred life.

And then onwards! onwards!
beneath the brambles deep inside that hole
you call home.
The mouse digests within
and you look coldly at the blackness about.

My spirit shrivels and retreats.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Lot to Crow about

A Lot to Crow about

Outside my window, on the dry crackling branch,
he looks at me, that black crow, head cocked

ready to take flight, to mock,
at my lack of wings,
and alleged superiority.

Write your poems, pal, make a living

Burn in hell, while I flit,
from anywhere to anywhere, shifting blackness.
Excellent rat entrails; some for you? No?
Ah! Savage, am I? Hard beak, a piercing intelligence!
Ugly black feet, you say? Tough luck!

Be beautiful and attractive, Sir, and suffer.
My ungainly nest of mere twigs, my unwholesome diet,
my uncuddly chicks - why, I'm quite happy!
I survive, survive well, watching the antics
of anxious fools like you, hunched over keyboards

searching for meaning in foolish symbols
scrolling on that screen.

He looks up at the clear blue,
his canvas to choose, preens his dark bitter wings,

caws twice, once in contempt and the other
in inquiry. An answering raucous echo,
from a mate sneering elsewhere at us,
a fluttering of wings,
green leaves in distress,
and - gone!