Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Dogs

Jumble, a kind -hearted black lab came to us about 2.5 years ago. He was too boisterous for his former owners. Today his only 'fault' is that he is black and scares the living daylights out of ignorant people who assume he is ferocious. Here he is seen resting prior to be being attacked by Nemo.
Rani was abandoned at CUPA two years ago. I thought I would be tending to her for a few days before a definite passing on to the Rainbow Bridge as she was very very ill and weak. She bounced back and is doing very well. A lovely lady who needs help to walk about but maintains her pride and independence. Tolerates the little pest Nemo.
Nemo is presently creating major chaos at his home. He is the smallest and youngest but is top dog. He prefers parathas, papads and, in general, food. He is forever fighting with Jumble who returns the favour very affectionately like a big brother.Here you see Nemo attacking Jumble ruthlessly.
Here, Jumble has been toppled and Nemo has won a glorious victory.

And here he poses for the media.


Alankrita said...

That Nemo ought to run for office. he would win too.

suprio said...

HI!! Vasu this Suprio.Remember DPS RK Puram? Would love to get in touch and exchange old time notes

Vasudev Murthy said...

So would I! but i need a way to contact you!

suprio said...

Hi! Vasu
nice to hear back from you.I was brousing through the net and came across your blog.
As you probably remember I joined the army and I have stuck to it for these years.I am presently in Shillong but I have now been posted to College Military Engineering, Pune.I will reach Pune on 27 Mar08
My Mob 09436335065(till 23 Mar only)email Once i reach Pune I will give my new contact/mob nos.
I was always under the impression that you were still in USA.
You have certainly charted a brilliant career,written couple of books!! Wow I am truly and genuinely impressed.great show.