Sunday, January 06, 2008

My Books

I've written a couple of books. The experience of writing, getting it edited and finally published was interesting, though exhausting.

The first book took about six months to finish, but took two years between revision, acceptance and finally release. It hasn't really moved a great deal, so say the Publishers, because I guess its a niche book. Its a novel based on twenty different Indian Classical raagas (scales). The Publisher is Rupa & Co., New Delhi.

The reviews were not too bad, I guess.

Review in the Indian Express Tribune India Chapter Extract Interview in the Deccan Herald Interview in The Hindu Review in Sruti Magazine
The second book was about writing proposals and was published by Sage Publications, Delhi. Here's a review in The Hindu Business Line And another in The Dawn, Pakistan

There are a couple more in the pipeline (in fact, I'm done) but I need to get over some lethargy and find a willing Publisher.

Meanwhile., why don't you get a copy of each published book?