Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The great country of Israel

How I admire Israel....

A country where the people have learnt lessons from history and treat every single citizen and his or her grief with great tenderness, while making sure avenging deaths is never a lower priority.

For this poor child, the entire country stood up

"Moshe, you don't have a father and a mother to hold you in their arms... no parents to hug and kiss you," Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky said as mourners dressed in black chanted hymns with tears rolling down their eyes. "You are the child of entire Israel," Kotlarsky said adding the community would take care of the boy, whose parents Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, 29, and his wife Rivka, 28, were among those killed when terrorists stormed the Nariman House in Mumbai.

How utterly moving, how utterly beautiful. I have no doubt that in parallel, those who killed or ordered the killing of the boy's parents will be hunted down and hopefully tortured continuously (not to death please, that's an escape) for years on end.

And now cut to India, where &^%&^%& politicians like the Chief Minister of Kerala, Achuthanandan said this about the family of Major Unnikrishnan who was killed in Mumbai

Achuthanandan, who went to offer his condolences at the Bangalore house of National Security Guard commando Sandeep Unnikrishnan on Sunday night, was turned away by his father. The chief minister reacted sharply, saying that "even a dog would not have gone to their house if he had not been a martyr".

This #$@)(*%$# dares to say this!

And where was the Defence Minister? Why did he not attend the funeral?

I forgot - he is busy figuring out who the next Chief Minister of Maharashtra is to be.


@lankr1ta said...

Please don't call the Hon CM what not and insult dogs- am sure Captain Nemo and the rest would mind that a lot.

Jellicles said...

i heard about that. i didnt get it...why did he say that to the mourners? very weird. is he a loony or something? wouldnt be the first time a mentally unstable person was elected to govt in india.

re israel. do not confuse the very close knit, extended hasidic family of poor moshe for the state of israel or her genocidal policies. the state of israel has created many orphan palestinian children just like moshe. in a way, what the suicide bombers are doing to israel is exactly the same torture that the mumbai terrorists are threatented with... an eye for an eye makes the world blind etc. this cycle of abuse has to stop. it is only birthing new generations of haters. everyone is a murderer and terrorist. everyone is a victim and survivor. we dont need that kind of world, you know? just because we cannot afford to live in a world of tit for tat. but that's politics too.

also...why annoyed with blogspot as mentioned in facebook? i thought your blog got wiped out or something.

Vasudev Murthy said...

Hey Jellicles

Re Palestine and Israel. Lets keep out of that. I am concerned with an event that happened here in India where we saw certain things. We can't be all things to all people and if Israel is what we need to help ourselves, we had better be realistic. What has Palestine done for us? Idealistic support for various virtuous causes around the world help no one. Cordially

Jellicles said...

we need indians to fix india because only we can fix ourselves. let's hope we can do that.

Ratnakar said...

israel great country ??...
sir, if israel is great then hitler's third reich would be great too.
a country founded on genocide, human right abuse and supression can never be great.

Vasudev Murthy said...


You are welcome to your opinion. I suspect its born out of the usual dog-in-the-manger attitude of every Islamic state that constantly moans and groans about how sad everything is, despite having 55 totalitarian fellow 'sufferers' who have snuffed out every other religion from existence. But idealism and stars in the eyes survive - till we are ourselves destroyed by the intolerance of those we tolerate and allow to flourish. Thanks for visiting.

Rajesh Goli said...

Anyone who accuses Israel of being genocidal must read about its violent birth. (O Jerusalem).

India will probably never become like Israel for a simple reason - we don't have a common enemy powerful enough to issue a credible threat to wipe us off the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

This picture is very heartbreaking. I hope this wonderful little boy gets the love of all people around the world.