Thursday, May 11, 2006

Odd Haikus

Heroes of the past
Come, Thor, to Alabama

the stench of beauty

Comet; Seventy Six Years
Did Haley ever see you fly?

From Roots
to Black Holes

Bidpay of Turkey
Capn Scott "It seems a pity"

London Library

Nascas of Peru
A grim pale Love in Dothan

Milarepa smiles

He, Tut Ahn Kha Mun
The black-ink pot of Basho
Pyramids, a waste


Ishqa said...

you've appropriated Mindy's stuff? shocker! pore old lady... what will she think of such blatant plagiarism?

Hari said...

I recently got an introduction to the concept of haikus and got quite hooked to it. When written well, it can convey much more than a thousand word ballad!

I wrote some - more for fun - and may be you could check out in your free time:

Jon Aristides said...

Is this Akira's Blog? The Haikus are very good and confirm my high opinion of him!