Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Deep Sea and You

The moon has waned today

to a mere speck of grey light
draped by red restless clouds

The salty winds in my town
near the Sea of Japan
by your dark screams
As I bite into your dreams
tasting the purple blood
of eternity.

Who hears them?

The mermaids have slept

In the dark green kelp
that floats for ever
and muffles your cries

The whales have gone away
with the currents
thinking sweet thoughts of your pain.
They shall be back next year
succulent bits of them
on your plate

The Octopii have descended deeper
All arms flailing
pretending to be you
As you try to die

In the morning
there shall be no blood
on those clean white sheets

Merely the impossible aroma
of the deep sea.

1 comment:

Rupa said...

Am a fan vasu sir, fannest of them all! will have to read and re read this...coz I love dit....