Wednesday, October 18, 2017

In review

Good things happened.

1. The Bangalore launch of the India version of Sherlock Holmes, the Missing Years: Timbuktu was released on Oct 14. Major RD Bhargava was the Chief Guest and also did a phenomenal job is discussing the book. There was an audience of about 40.

A highlight was the presence of several of my school mates.

2. I was involved in planning and executing a fund raiser for Myanmar Hindu refugees, a very politically incorrect cause.  But it was great. It happened at the Kashmir Bhavan and Mr Tarun Vijay came down from Delhi for it.

3. I got news that one of my books may be published by a major publisher. Details soon.

4. I dropped below 80 kgs briefly (79.8. I seem to be at about 80.4 kgs now. Only reason: diet and heavy yoga. Aiming for 75

5. Tito the post distemper dog is recovering nicely. Runs a lot, eats a lot. Poor child. I hope he lives out his life never having to experience hunger again.

6. Bharatnatyam classes going really well. I enjoy it.

7. Trips happened to Hyderabad and Pune. And will happen again soon.