Sunday, February 28, 2016

Yet another alleged book from Charles Benoit :-(

I had the misfortune of interviewing Charles Benoit who has been irresponsibly churning out book after book. Please read. I will take a month to recover.

1. One more book eh? What have we done to deserve this? Thanks for your heartfelt condolences.

I'm going to keep pushing these books until you all just give up and buy enough copies so I can retire to a little seaside villa in Malta. The longer I have to wait to retire, the more books you're going to have to endure. Yes, you can consider that a threat. 

2. Tell me and other suffering souls who will be forced to read this, as little as possible about your alleged book.

The age-old, heart-warming tale of a boy who tries to turn his life around by running cocaine and plotting with the main dealer's prostitute girlfriend to rip off said dealer, escape with the money and forget all about that murder. 

3. What medication do you recommend? And how much will you pay us to read your book?

While cocaine might seem like the obvious choice, I suggest that, like my young adult readers, you stick to abusing Adderall and other attention-deficit meds.  

4. Why did you choose that title? Shouldn't you have thought of us?

Sounded enough like Blow Job to appeal to the adolescent male in all of us. 

5. What do you wear when you write?

The same orange jumpsuit we all wear. 

6. What infuriates you about the book you've just written?

The way it just sits there with that smug, "I'm-so-fucking-adorable" look on its cover. Seriously, I want to punch it every time I see it. 

7. How can we stop you from writing a sequel?

I don't do sequels. And just try to stop me from not starting now! 

8. What's the nastiest thing people have said about your book?

It's hard to light and it burns unevenly. 

If you really must buy, this is where you can get it:


vidhya said...

Ha ha such a funny & quirky interview . Thanks for sharing Mr.Murthy

Farheen Zehra said...

I'm not sure whether this is for real or a joke. Or then again, maybe all kind of publicity is good?

Jane Finnis said...

I loved it, Vasu and Charles. I mean, of course, I hated it, and can't think why you are both wasting the resources of the planet posting this rubbish.
More, please...

Judy Clemens said...

This is fitting, since Charles is one of the meanest people I've ever had to associate with.

Judy Clemens said...

And that comment was of course meant in the same manner as the interview. I love Charles in real life. :)

Charles Benoit said...

Judy, you're too sweet! I totally forgive you for running me over with that tractor.

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