Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Saatchi Gallery

I spent a couple of hours walking around the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London. In a city full of great museums, the Gallery seems to hold its own because of its vivid, extremely unusual exhibits.

A corpse on chairs?

A two headed lamp!
Not sure what this is, but its cool!

This is not a creased cloth. Its the actual design!

A room full of speakers!


sury said...

The two-sided lamp is both reflective and introspective. It enables us to look at ourselves in the same way as we look at others.

subbu rathinam

sury said...

I should have said TWO-HEADED instead of TWO-SIDED, in my earlier comment.

One to look at our face and another at our back

subbu rathina

Parth said...

Surely, not a corpse? - a session on hypnotic levitation the volunteer sans the David Copperfield.

What strikes me is the way the concept of levitation is highlighted - the volunteer and the supporting chairs are highlighted and everything else is empty. To confine it to a room and not just space we see a line depicting the corner. The volunteer's face looks more like a blank, because thats not what he wants to highlight.

Interesting.. what possibly runs in the painter's mind and his potential intention.