Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Collapse of Education

An entirely new wave of oddly-literates stalk the corridors of the corporate world.

The origins of this strange set seem to be in the zillions of B-Schools to be found at every corner. What are they teaching? Where is the faculty? Why can't these students write at a BASIC level? Why are they completely confused about what they want to do?

Over the past six months I have met students who have no idea what they want to do - finance is the same as marketing which is the same as consulting. All that matters is some strange notion of a 'pay-package' and the brand. Bravado alone is apparently enough. Inflated resumes claiming all kinds of baffling excellence ("Top 0.013% in India in Grade 6") , restless body language, eyes that have already wandered off to the next scheduled interview - are these the leaders of tomorrow? I guess the answer is yes.

I can't wait to be led!


Ajit Andrew Mohanraj said...

You left me smiling ...I couldnt agree with you more !

What I noticed was the underdevelopment / near-absence of the 'soft' skills side of the house, in most of these youngsters - communication, energy, presence .... someone needs to address this at these insititutes !

Rajesh Goli said...

I'd like to weigh in as one of the oddly-literates you speak of. The malady of "having no idea what they want to do" is, I think, a product of too many choices. A generation or two ago, it seems, people made default choices in their lives. Now, people go off and make myriad choices with equally varied outcomes with their lives and careers. If we are to be greedy maximizers who epitomize the capitalist creed, we are left with no alternative but to be confused!

Lydia said...

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Nikhil said...

Haha.. Loved the point about the CV. Sad but true. But I do feel that some of the corporate orgs have a role to play in this mess. The recruitment process for most companies is opaque at best and when the final selections give a feeling of randomness at play, we shall definitely see more such inflated claims. I wrote about this a while back, a student's perspective

Parth said...

Ah, but would such a temperament really create leaders?

Doesn't the blind only lead yet another blind (and surely, not even every blind)?