Monday, February 09, 2009

Finally, a Great Concert

After months of waiting and watching, I finally attended a great concert.

We listened to Alka Deo Marulkar of Goa at the Gokhale Institute.

After a little warming up hesitation, she really stunned the audience. These were the Raags she sang

1. Marwa
2. Purvi (truly delightful)
3. Tilang (a variation)
4. Nat Bhairav (I think, but I could not precisely nail it down)
5. Bhairavi

I greatly appreciated the peace on her face when she sang. I think she is an evolved soul.

The tabla was a bit loud. The accompanists were very average.

Don't miss her if she visits your part of the Galaxy.


Red Soul said...

great blog you've got here. Came here after googling malkauns :)

Amit Kumar (Pune) said...

i still remember, Mansi asked you after the interview" sir, do you know something about classical music?"
and you innocently replied " who can know classical music?"
I have just one thing to say, Only those who know can know how much they don't know"

SBellur said...

Thats a nice blog Sir.
After Marwa and Purvi, she saing a tarana in raga Vasant. Later she sang a thumri in tilak-kamod-Khamaj, a popular 'Divana Kiye Shyaam" dadra and concluded with Bhairavi Bhajan.