Monday, August 11, 2008

Links to ITC SRA

To those who visit my blog for music

Many links point to the ITC SRA website, which I personally like it quite a bit. Do take the time to visit it here

I point to streaming media.

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Anonymous said...

Our hearbeat is soul music. Basic interpretation of mood before speech/word and language was note/various note is todays music. which gradually/gramatically transformed to music. I found ITC itself is creating a legend on behalf of legendry musician with or with out them. The base of Indian classical music is fascination of nerve. I admire all the time ITC and concerned who is still serching of rare ragas DNA like Deepak raga /which becomes Dodo Deepak. With proper music one can feel and heal his organ I felt it realy. Thanks to ITC.

Chandra S.