Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vegas Boston London

A whirlwind trip through Las Vegas, Boston and London. London is becoming quite my favourite city. I like the place, the feeling and the people. Las Vegas was glitzy, loud and noisy, quite the stereotype I had in mind. Boston was quite nice too, with friends kindly showing me the historical district.

I'm exhausted and plan to sleep for a week after I get back to Bangalore soon!

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Jellicles said...

i love..LOVE... london...if i could, i'd move back there..the only reason i moved further west was because UK wont allow pets from india without putting them into quarantine for 3-6 if!

i lived near marylebone street(and worked near tower bridge!) and it was fabulous because i lost a ton of weight and got to see the city on foot..mostly because i couldnt afford food or money for the tube because rent in central london was ridiculously high. e.g. a basement apt in harley street was about 5000 pounds and four people would share it...unbelievable, huh? but it's such a beautiful city! you should do a walking tour of london next time..all that you have read as a kid..all the literature and poetry you know...dickens, sherlock holmes, shakespeare..they all come to life. marylebone high street during xmas transported me right should also visit tate museum..i thought i died and went to heaven when i found out that tate was having a pre raphaelite exhibition during my time there....and just before i could recover from that, caravaggio went to town...delicious!