Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Unheard Melody

An Unheard Melody

Where is that light, from the beacon
across vicissitudes, across pain so acute
skimming surfaces, reaching below
finding nothing, only the agony of solitude?
What lonely note is this, that flies across
distances and ticking clocks, to enter my mind?
When hearts have shrunk, grotesque wraiths have risen
trapping in mindless ether, this love - why must it bind?
What has cleaved through the atrophy of despair
seeking, seeking - and when not finding, severing?
Why have eyes closed, just when they should see
a light that falls, on a compass without bearing?
Reach out then, but do not seek to touch
The loneliness within, sacred, and so clean

This melody you alone must hear and then it must die

Like flowers growing under a dark sun, never to be seen

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