Thursday, November 08, 2007

Romania & Bulgaria

I'm back after a fantastic visit to Romania and Bulgaria.

Romania, offshoot of Rome, with a fabulous 'dark' history, Dracula (Vlad Tepes) and more, with very beautiful women and dark Metros.... here is a photo of a Romanian tapestry work I took there.

A visit to two enchanting countries with rich histories and cultures.

Bulgaria turned out to be paradis on earth. I went around Southwestern Bulgaria and took many pictures. I found the people very nice and friendly and the landscape breathtaking. From Pernik, to Kyundestyl, to Melnik, to Getse Delchev to Dospat to Asenograd to Plovdiv and back - the whole experience was enchanting. Do visit.

A little bridge near Dospat

The church at Asenovgrad Fort....

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Ashok said...

absolutely stunning photographs Sir. I en devour to take photos like this but rarely succeed. Must have been the trip of a life time. Please post more of your work