Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I won my case against Valley School

Fourth Additional District Consumers Disputes Redressal Forum
Bangalore Urban District
Sahakara Bhavan
Cunningham Road
Bangalore 560052


Sri Siddanagoud, President and C. Ramachandrappa, Member allowed complaint 1648/2005
by Vasudev Murthy against the Valley School, KFI, Haridvanam, Thatguni, Bangalore 560062 for recovery of Rs. 25,000 with costs.

Contact me if you want to know more.


driftwood said...

Yes, I do. Please tell.

V Murthy said...


I can send info by email.




david raphael israel said...

yes, wanna know more :-)

Alankrita said...

what happened?

V Murthy said...

stndard practise here in India for schools to demand a huge amount as security deposit. When you want to leave, they come up with impossible conditions for why they will be withholding some or all parts of the deposit. No reason given which may have been agreed to by both parties in writing earlier. I fought. I won.

Avoid this school like the plague. Unless you like plague.

david raphael israel said...
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david raphael israel said...

I've presumed to memorialize (and riff on) your last remark through a rubai, Noted in the margins.