Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Introduction to Eternity

Much too soon, the elegant end
arrives - detached, indifferent
to the sounds of panic
A welcoming cloak of finality
about me; mixed feelings swirl
Memories and dreams collapse.
And point
to a black hole in the future

And littered at the entrance,
of black flowers,
wilting to a dark sun's
reluctant gifts.
Smoky cadavers of the good
and the kind
Trampled and pushed aside
For you see,
in death too, evil wins -
Annihilation is faster.

I shall search for them
in this darkness
Those I had met in the light
A desire mutated,
by comforting solitude.
Then I shall see, I hope
A single sharp unending tone of beauty
cleaving through the clouds
I shall hold on to it
and ride in lonely comfort
into the darkness.


Pincushion said...

..and ride in quiet comfort
into the light..


Flights Of The Mind said...

Nicely expressed...
All life -
is a growth of the soul
out of the darkness
towards the Light

-Sri Aurobindo
I believe
Death is an adventure too :)

Cadencia said...

Hmm, now where have I read this before :-P? Very dark, but lovely.