Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Bunch of Haikus

Elusive friends in
Many Capitols Unearthed
Koto in Maryot

a gray sky fails to becloud
March Friendship unseen

Distortion reigns on
friendship in a foreign land
The ethernet's quiet

The trees bend low
Leaves melt in the heat
friends in shadows

softly silent mind
A cold winds murmurs, afraid
Lost Samurai

A Cold Rising sun
Haunting are the Gulfstream Blues
a quixotic vanishing

My Koto's tunes jar
strings untaut rust patina
missing friend; come back

Far in Sapporo
DC beckons brutally
a good heart beats on

A Written poem
An Invisible Inkdrop
An Eternal clasp

A hot sun blazes
Cold is my heart, but alone
Your call I await

Children in a bed
Here I breathe strange lonely air
A good friend comforts

Blue Moon; A dog howls
Silent night an odd strange land
Safe Viriginia

Of Vicissitudes
Many aborted meetings
a cold barren heart

Pure is my Promise
Lincoln, so near yet so far
Torture Chronicles

Silently arrive
metal wings across cities
Breakfast is burnt toast

Who is Vasudev?
sad to see a doubting friend
Bald crow in winter

Accusations hurt
many contrite shrinking hearts
White House is quiet

public scorn of pal
prurient analysis
a calm lake disturbed

sorry, snarling friend
scared Japanese; a koto
dry autumn in spring

Hotels without walls
a sweet internet friendship
koto falls silent

Raging Potomac
Apologies for trouble
The Art of Living

A final goodbye
old age, perhaps a meeting
Glacial melting


Soul-circling said...

Hope it's okay to post a comment...
Music is one of my passions and that compelled me to go through your Haikus...[touched by the expressions]

A beautiful mind;
great music on top of that;
but now, to me, lost.

I respect your space,
But don't think that I don't care:
I am here, waiting.

[Just 2 of them from my collection...not written by me though...just reflecting a bit on a friendship that I wished to cherish all my life....but lost]

soul-circling...a quest

Pincushion said...

Thank you for linking to my blog. Its an honour, sir!

..and reading your beautiful haikus, i am compelled to say...

An inky dark night,
dreams often do take flight;
Waiting wedded to winter.

Hari said...

Sir, your blog is brilliant!! I am visiting after some time and it's so packed with nice articles, great info and beautiful pictures..

Please check out my new poem and tell me how it is. Thanks and regards.

Hari said...

"A Written poem
An Invisible Inkdrop
An Eternal clasp"

This is brilliant!! I was intoxitcated by this verse for a full minute, floating in the timeless space of my mind...