Friday, March 10, 2006

The Pursuit

Once I said, to Cupid, to Love I was not prone
But those limpid black eyes - ah! from a heavenly zone!
That dusky tone, that silver voice, that Samsung phone
I felt, no, I could not possibly be further alone

T'was clear to all that her alone I loved
With quotidian certitude, my heart gloved
But indifference, and harsh looks that shoved
T'was clearly no deep interest from my beloved

With festering sores, in pursuit to distant shores
My heart bled, but I took up loathsome chores
"Proximity would allow quadrature"; my heart soared
In Beijing, I was caninized to one on all fours

Onwards to Santiago, where she took up a posting
The yaw of my heart, my love I was a-boasting
Peculiar diction I heard, a similitude to roasting
O'er the Andes, my coccyx was sent a-coasting

Undeterred, no ullage of courage, to Albania
This love, this sheer caballine mania
Her dark tresses, beauty and clear megalomania
"Away! Awast!" she spoke sharply, "To Campania!"

Her transfer again to distant shores, to Ghana
I crept in via Air Cargo, feeding only on a banana
"My nacreous love" I crooned, wearing a bandana
The Police, alas, escorted me to a decrepit cabana

Her feelings reached their nadir, in quaint Quetta
I swam there, to be presented by harsh documenta
Gossamer o'er my head, hubris smashed, blood magenta
I did not care; my deep love was still in a fermenta

A promotion - off she was to Dar Es Salaam
I ran after, my pounding heart seeking calm
Hoping finally, her words to my heart would be balm
Alas, t'was with some pain that my cheek felt her palm

Finally it dawned that she wished me in the Marina Trench
I sat, head bowed, on a rusting old bench
I cried, my heart broken by this final wrench
Travels to no avail, desire, who shall quench?

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