Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Whole Bunch of Links

A Whole Bunch of Links about book reviews, my articles, stories, poems and more. Click away.

Review of What the Raags Told Me/Vasudev Murthy. Rupa and Co., ISBN 81-291-0317-6.
Indian Express
Tribune Chandigarh
Deccan Herald
The Hindu
Sruti Magazine

June 2005: My article in RAVE magazine

Articles in the Deccan Herald
July 5 2005: On Cruelty - East or West
August 6 2005: On the Nagasaki Bombing
August 21 2005: On William McGonagall, the World's Worst Poet
August 25 2005: About the lawyer Jacques Verges
August 29 2005: About Violins and the Supernatural
August 30 2005: Music and Spirituality
September 13 2005: The Music of New Orleans
Nov 21 2005: A Solitary Lamp for Sardar Patel
December 19 2005: Flat Earth

Articles in Vijay Times
Nov 19 2005 Article on Nuremberg Trials
Dec 18 2005 Poem: Give me a Bribe! Cried my MP
Dec 27 2005 Corruption, our new National Religion

Story in Veena Magazine, London Arts Review
God in a Restaurant
Poems: Far Away, The Other Me, etc.

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Angelica said...

Wow, Vasudev, you have some truly amazing stories and poems on here. I love your Blog Page!! It's very well done. I see you've taken lots of time to keep it updated - as opposed to my laziness!! It's a great inspiration for me, because i'm one of those "lost writers" right now -- I need like a major "shove" (or simply something to make me feel like it's time to WRITE!!); i just don't want to write about personal stuff all the time. Hopefully, I'll get inspired by something I read ... or heard ... and it will set me off!! YOur articles are interesting -- keep it up!