Monday, October 03, 2005

Chinua Achebe

All Things Fall Apart is a fantastic book. To write like Achebe is very difficult.

The book is part of a Trilogy, but it stands on its own. It examines, quite brutally, the effect of Christian Missionary activity in Nigeria, and how it contributed to the destruction of traditional ways of life and culture. He does not paint the traditional ways as being superior or morally better and gives some moving examples of life as it was - for example, the killing of a boy by the hero, who was the son of a defeated enemy, and who grew up to consider the hero as his Father. But the insidious and racist scorn directed at the old ways by the Missionaries and then their proxies in the village are movingly described with an economy of words. The story ends in a jarring way, with the suicide of the hero. Very profound, for a slim book, and a must-read. The picture is from

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Angelica said...

Interesting description of Lobsang Rampa. I've read about 14 of Rampa books (by way of them being given to me many years ago by a tourist!). I have no doubt as to the authenticity of his writings. I do believe that he did in fact inhabit the body of Cyril Hoskins - simply out of necessity (as he found out whilst in the astral realm that he would not survive otherwise). Actually it was his books that sort of set me on a slow Journey towards discovering that this world of mine is much more 'complex' than i had ever wanted to acknowledge. I think too, that if you are meant to 'read something' and it's going to have some value in your life - there's an 'energy' about the book/or writings that you can feel in your spine. At least that was the experience i had will most of the Rampa books i had read. I know that i'm a better person Today after having explored his messages in his books than i was prior.

Since then i have experienced hundreds of synchronious events which have in some form or other contributed to my understanding of the world we live in, and from that a deep appreciation of our Earth and Humans and Animals. I also have a telepathic connection with my pet cat - and have met others that do also. This, and many other recent experiences would not have been possible if it had not been for the Dreams that wouldn't leave me alone (and prompted me to start to read the Third Eye) my first book - as all the books i'd received stayed in the basement for almost 6 yrs. before the dreams 'urged' me to go and delve into it.

Very informative, enjoyable, and great venue that led to other things.